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In the field of fine arts and the art market, we advise and support private and corporate collections, art and artists’ estates, state and private museums, art galleries and dealers, auction houses and artists in all industry-specific legal matters. We advise in the legal fields of copyright and personal rights, in questions of exhibitions and loans, consignment and sale of works of art, establishment of foundations, inheritance planning, insurance, tax and customs law issues and regarding the establishment and design of business structures. In the area of fine arts, we have many years of experience in the repatriation of stolen works of art, in questions of cultural property protection, in the area of provenance research and due diligence, and we provide our clients with comprehensive support in the course of important transactions.


In the area of information technology, we advise and represent our clients on both the service provider and consumer side. Our services include advice on the development of individual and practice-oriented solutions, considering possible legal risks in the areas of copyright, data protection and contract law. In the age of digitization, we are familiar with the current developments in the field of blockchain, smart contracts etc. and their possible applications, especially in the art market.


We are familiar with all aspects of press, photo and communication law, image and publishing law and data protection law. We advise media companies and are active in all areas of civil, criminal and competition press law, including forensic investigations. We see advertising law as a cross-disciplinary field resulting from a multitude of legal provisions for advertising and marketing scattered in laws and regulations. Our clients include advertising and PR agencies, market research and media companies and their clients, whom we support in the development of legally compliant strategies.


We comprehensively cover areas of music, film and theatre law and advise architects and designers in all civil and copyright matters, especially when it comes to the protection of their designs.


For our clients from creative industries, we offer comprehensive advice on corporate law matters, from the establishment and management of formal proceedings with the authorities to the support of internal corporate matters, including basic strategic advice. A further focus of our activities in this area is the management of conflict situations typical for companies, shareholders and corporate bodies.


Companies and private individuals alike are increasingly interested in efficient and cost-effective conflict resolution mechanisms. We support our clients in the choice of procedure and represent them in court, arbitration, administrative and alternative dispute resolution proceedings and take seats in arbitration tribunals.